The Suspicious movement is about the rush, the kick.
It’s about life and all its treasures.
It’s about feeling free and liberated.
It’s about the wildest dreams, the greatest nights.
But mostly, it’s about you.
That’s what it’s all about.



But maybe it is time we introduce ourselves. Deeply rooted in the Antwerp fashion scene, Suspicious was founded by two young and driven gentlemen. Reinforced by a team of creative souls and wonderful people, the brand is working its way up in the miraculous world of fashion. Passion, joy and courage are the most important words.



The clothing line is meant to be accessible for anyone who feels young and wants to express him or herself. Clean shirts and sweaters with a little edge to them can be worn by women and men, by boys and girls. Premium quality is guaranteed. The clothes will survive every crazy adventure and last every great trip.

Keep us posted if you have any comments or ideas. We are happy to hear your thoughts! 


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Antwerp, BE
VAT 0672.916.318
Email: info@suspiciousantwerp.com