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A Blast from the Past

Throughout Suspicious' existence, we've had the pleasure of working

with some of the coolest brands and people on earth.

Here's a small overview of our achievements.


When the two of us come together, magic happens. Crazy magic, but magic notheless. Our three successful partnerships are proof of that. view all products


If there's one thing that we both love more than anything, it's having fun. And fun we had. Working together with Playboy, not once, but twice, was an absolute blast. view all products

Jay Alvarrez's Dream Wørld

4 years and 4 projects with the man himself later, the Dream Wørld project is still one of your absolute favourite collections and honestly, we can't blame you. view all products

New York City

New York City. The City That Never Sleeps. The City So Nice, They Named It Twice. The City that challenged us to ditch the tropics & brave the streets. view all products

Keith Haring

Rewind to 2022, when we had the honour of working with the late and great Keith Haring. Together with his foundation, we crafted the collection and you guys loved it. view all products


A content creator based in Hawaii. Most of the content he creates revolves around travel and a passion for adrenaline. He's best known for his funny and relatable videos on Social Media that cover various topics about life. Emphasizing that we're not alone in our feelings and experiences. View all products
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